How To Check & Fill Engine Oil Level

  • Materials Required

    • Full synthetic engine oil (0W-40 or 5W-30 recommended)
  • Start Engine

    Start your vehicle's engine.

  • Navigate Settings

    Navigate the gauge cluster's settings by pressing the BC button.

  • Navigate to 'Oil' Setting

    Navigate to the 'Oil' menu in the settings.

  • NOTE*

    If engine oil level is at the 'MIN' (minimum), add oil until centered. If screen reads +1 qt, add a quart of oil.

  • If Adding Oil is Needed...

    Turn off the vehicle engine and unscrew the engine oil cap counter-clockwise to unlock it.

  • Add Oil

    Slowly add oil into the engine ensuring you're careful not to spill any.

  • Start Engine

    Start your vehicle's engine.

  • Check Engine Oil Level

    Use the BC button to navigate back to the oil menu and allow engine to run until oil level is displayed. The meter should preferably be fully centered.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job topping up! Be sure to keep an eye on your oil level for any possible oil leaks.