Alternator Replacement Guide

  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the vehicle's battery to ensure safety while conducting this job.

  • Remove Front Air Snorkel

    Remove the 2 T-15 screws holding the front air snorkel in place.

  • Remove Rear Air Snorkel

    Pivot the rear air snorkel out of place, releasing the air box retention tabs (white arrow).

  • Remove Intake Screws

    Remove the 2 10MM bolts securing the air intake box into place.

  • Remove Air Intake Hose

    Remove MAF connector by using a flathead to lift up the retention clip. Then, remove the silver band clamp using a flathead.

  • Remove Air Intake Box

    After loosening the silver band clamp, wiggle the air intake box out of place and put it off to the side.

  • Disconnect Alternator Connector

    Disconnect the alternator connector by depressing the retention clip.

  • Remove Power Cable Nut

    Remove the 13MM nut holding the positive power cable in place.

  • Release Serpentine Belt From Alternator Pulley

    Pull down to the right on the ratchet. This will release the tension from the serpentine belt. Remove the serpentine belt off of the serpentine belt pulley.

  • Remove Alternator Bolts

    Remove the 4 E-12 bolts holding the alternator in place.

  • Remove Alternator

    With the serpentine belt and E-12 bolts removed from the alternator, carefully remove it from the engine bay.

  • Inspect Old Alternator

    Inspect the old alternator for signs of larger issues in your vehicle. The alternator above had oil leaking onto it from a leaking valve cover/oil filter housing gasket.

  • Clean Surrounding Area

    Clean the area surrounding the alternator ensuring no oil, coolant, or other contaminants pre-maturely wear out the new alternator.

  • Remove Idler Pulley

    Remove the idler pulley from the old alternator using a 16MM socket. (Replacement is recommended every 80,000-100,000 miles)

  • Install New Alternator

    Install the new alternator in the vice-versa of removal. Torque the alternator bolts to 7.4 lb-ft.

  • Re-Install Idler Pulley

    Re-install the idler pulley to the new alternator.

  • Re-Install Serpentine Belt

    Re-install the serpentine belt ensuring its routed properly over the alternator and idler pulley.

  • Serpentine Belt Diagram

    Utilize this diagram to properly route the serpentine belt into place.

  • Re-Installation

    Re-install all components in the vice versa of removal. i.e air filter box, snorkel, etc.

  • Re-Install Battery

    Re-install the battery terminal.

  • Test Electrical System

    Power on vehicle to test all electronics are functioning properly. Keep a keen eye for flickering bulbs, power surging, etc.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing your alternator! Be sure to keep an eye on your electrical system for any future issues.