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"BMW Upgrades, by BMW Enthusiasts, for BMW Owners."

From the long hours of wrenching on our rides, to the satisfaction of late night drives after installing a new modification: at BAVMODS, we have a deep appreciation for the European car scene. We had the vision to make a simple, one stop website for all of the best upgrades you can do to your BMW to make it both feel and look more modern, aggressive and personal. We work hard to bring you all of the best products, techniques and information that we have spent years acquiring, so you can make the most informed decisions possible on your platform.

We have spent years working on BMW's not only mechanically, but aesthetically. Whether you shop with us, or shop with someone else, we will always be in your corner helping you rock those black, red and yellow stripes.

Shoot us a message down below if you run into any issues or have any questions!

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