BMW E92 Coupe LCI

Exterior Upgrades

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Interior Upgrades

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The Coupe Gets a Facelift

The E92 Coupe is hands down the all-time go to for anybody wanting to get themselves into a BMW and the LCI in 2011 upgraded what was already near perfect. It's no question that the E92 LCI vs Pre-LCI goes on to this day with some favoring the Pre-LCI aggression over the LCI "modern" touch. As did the E90, the E92 LCI updated the headlight assemblies, taillight assemblies, hood and more. As well, the 335i variant switched to the more reliable N55 turbocharged engine, giving up the TwinTurbo N54 option due to reliability issues that plagued it since launch. In modernizing these elements, BMW future-proofed this model for years to come and if done right, it is impossible to tell if the car is a 2012 or 2016. No matter the preference on LCI vs Pre, everyone can agree the E92 Coupe is one of BMW's most attractive cars ever released to this day.

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