BMW Coolant Bleed Procedure

Step 1: Have your key with you and get into the driver's seat.

Step 2: Insert your key into the ignition.

Step 3: Press the start/stop button to bring your vehicle into accessory mode.

Step 4: Set the heater to max temp and the fans to their lowest setting.

Step 5: Depress the accelerator pedal for roughly 10 seconds to start the bleeding process. Once you hear the coolant moving inside the engine and radiator, the process has begun.

NOTE: Once the process has started, leave the car how it is for 8 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, top up on approved BMW coolant and repeat the process until the expansion tank is full of coolant and no more air is present in the system.

Congrats! Your BMW's cooling system is now properly bled and ready to drive.