Engine Air Filter Replacement

  • Materials Required

    Tools Required:

    • Pick Tool
    • 10MM Wrench
    • Flathead Screwdriver
    • T-25 Screwdriver
  • Disconnect Battery

    To avoid damaging the mass airflow sensor, disconnect the negative terminal on the battery.

  • Remove Air Box Screws

    Remove the two 10MM air box screws using a ratchet.

  • Unlatch Air Snorkel

    Unlatch the air intake snorkel by using a flathead screwdriver to separate the two retention tabs (white circles).

  • Unplug MAF

    Unplug the mass airflow sensor by using a flathead screwdriver to lift up on the retention tab and pulling the harness back.

  • Loosen Band Clamp 1

    Loosen the band clamp that holds the air intake hose to the air box, with a flathead screwdriver.

  • Remove Air Box

    With everything loosened, the air box can now be removed from the engine bay.

  • Remove Air Box Screws

    Remove the six screws holding the air box assembly together.

  • NOTE*

    There are six screws holding the air box together. If you're missing any, be sure to replace them.

    Part No. 13717545438

  • Separate Air Box

    With the retention screws removed, you can simply pull both halves of the air box apart.

  • Remove Old Air Filter

    Remove the old air filter by simply pulling it out of the air box.

  • Clean Air Box Assembly

    Before installing a new air filter, you must clean the entire assembly with a microfiber towel. Not cleaning the air box out will contaminate the new air filter.

  • NOTE*

    We're upgrading this E92 with a high-flow, performance engine air filter instead of installing the OEM paper one. This new high-flow filter should improve throttle response, as well as add a few horsepower with a tune.

  • Install New Air Filter

    Install the new air filter into the air box ensuring the gasket lines up perfectly.

  • Join Air Filter Halves Together

    With the new air filter installed, re-join the two air filter halves back together ensuring the screw holes line up.

  • Reinstall Screws

    Re-install the six screws that secure the air box together. Hand-tighten all screws into place and go in a star pattern, this will help seat the air filter properly.

  • NOTE*

    Anytime you replace the air filter, it's recommended to clean the mass air flow sensor with a safe MAF cleaner. Spray 3-5 short bursts on the recepticle (white arrow).

  • Re-installation

    Re-install the air box, air intake hose, snorkel and mass air flow sensor in the vice versa of removal.

  • Reconnect Battery

    It's now safe to reconnect the negative terminal on the battery.

  • Test Start Car

    To ensure there are no issues with the new air filter and no vacuum leaks are present, test start the vehicle.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing your engine air filter! Be sure to replace it every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or after one year, whichever comes first.