BMW Halo Bulb Replacement

  • Tools Required

    Flathead Screwdriver

    10MM Socket/Wrench

  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the vehicle's battery to ensure safety while conducting this job.

  • Remove Halo Bulb Cover

    Remove the halo bulb cover by pressing in the two retention tabs then slide it out of place.

  • Loosen Halo Bulb

    Loosen the halo bulb by twisting counterclockwise (downward) until it can be backed out by hand.

  • Remove Halo Bulb

    Once the halo bulb is fully loosened, simply remove the bulb out from the headlight assembly.

  • Unplug Halo Bulb Connector

    Unplug the halo bulb connector by prying the two side-clips outward and pulling the connector apart.

  • Install New Halo Bulb

    Install the new halo bulb in place on the headlight assembly.

    NOTE: be careful not to directly touch the bulb(s) itself.

  • Tighten Halo Bulb

    Tighten the halo bulb into place by twisting clockwise (upwards).

  • Re-Install Halo Bulb Connector

    Re-install the halo bulb connector by pressing the two sides of the connector together until it clicks.

  • Neatly Stow Halo Wiring

    Neatly stow away all of the wiring associated with the halo bulb, to ensure a tidy area that will be free of future issues.

  • Re-Install Halo Bulb Cover

    Re-Install the halo bulb cover by sliding it back into place and pressing it down until it clicks into place.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing your faulty halo bulb! Be sure to keep an eye on your electrical system for any future issues.