O2 Sensor Replacement (Bank 2 Sensor 1)

  • Materials Required

    • BMW OBD2 Scan Tool
    • E8 Socket
    • 8MM Socket
    • 10MM Socket
    • Offset O2 Sensor Wrench
    • Ratchet
    • Antiseize (recommended)
    • BMW Scan Tool (recommended)
  • Start w/ Cold Engine

    Ensure you conduct this DIY on a vehicle with a cold engine.

  • Scan For Error Codes

    Using a BMW capable scan tool, scan for engine codes. If your bank 2 sensor 1 O2 sensors is bad, you will throw code P2629.

  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the vehicle's battery to ensure safety while conducting this job.

  • Open Hood

    Open your vehicle's hood by pulling the latch.

  • Remove Cabin Air Filter Cowl

    Remove the cabin air filter, HVAC cowl and all covers in the way of accessing the oxygen sensor. You should only need an 8MM socket for this.

  • Remove Engine Cover

    Remove the engine cover by removing the three screws that secure the it.

  • NOTE*

    The oxygen sensor being replaced it tucked underneath this metal bracket.

  • NOTE*

    The bracket is held in place by two very small E8 screws.

  • Loosen Metal Bracket

    Loosen the metal bracket by removing the two E8 screws holding it in place.

  • Remove Bracket

    With the bracket screws removed, simply wiggle the bracket free from the engine bay.

  • NOTE*

    An offset O2 sensor wrench is highly recommended, due to the tight working area.

  • Fit Wrench Over Sensor

    Fit the offset O2 sensor wrench over the sensor by feeding the wiring through the open slit on the wrench.

  • Loosen Sensor

    Using a ratchet, loosen the O2 sensor by turning counter-clockwise.

  • Hand-loosen the sensor until it is fully freed from the engine.

  • Unplug Connector

    Unplug the O2 sensor connector by pressing the retention tab down and pulling the connector apart.

  • Remove Old Sensor

    The sensor can now be removed from the engine bay.

  • Apply Antiseize to New Sensor

    The sensor can now be removed from the engine bay.

  • Install New Sensor

    Hand-thread new O2 sensor into the engine. Once fully flush, torque the sensor down to 37-ft Ib.

  • Re-Plug Connector

    Plug the new O2 sensor into place.

  • NOTE*

    For cleanliness, neatly ziptie the O2 sensor cable and tuck it away.

  • Re-Install Bracket

    Re-install the metal bracket back over the O2 sensor ensuring not to drop the small E8 screws.

  • Re-Installation

    Re-install all components in the vice versa of removal. i.e cabin air filter and cowl, covers, etc.

  • Reconnect Battery

    Reconnect your BMW's battery.

  • Clear Engine Codes

    Using a BMW scan tool, clear all engine codes and confirm any O2 sensor related codes are gone.

  • Test Electrical System

    Power on vehicle to test all electronics are functioning properly. Keep an eye on your dashboard for rough idling or check engine lights. If the check engine light is still present, connect a scan tool and troubleshoot further.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing your O2 sensor! Be sure to keep an eye on your electrical system for any future issues.