Refill / Recharge AC System Guide

  • Materials Required

  • Turn Vehicle On

    Turn on the vehicle's engine.

  • Turn AC System To Max Cold

    Turn the vehicle's AC system to the Max cold setting:

    • Temperature: Max cold
    • Fan speed: Max
    • Compressor: On
    • Air Recycle: Off
  • Remove Low Pressure Port Cap

    Remove the vehicle's low pressure port cap by loosening counter-clockwise.

  • *NOTE

    It is highly recommended to use an approved R-134A refrigerant canister that does not contain any leak-sealing additive. Leak-sealing additives are a short-term fix that causes long-term issues. Use at your own caution.

  • Attach Freon To Low Pressure Port

    Attach the R-134A freon canister hose to the vehicle's low pressure port. Ensure the hose snaps firmly into place.

  • Charge AC System

    Charge the vehicle's AC system by pressing down on the freon trigger

  • Recharge AC System To 35PSI

    Continue to recharge the AC system until the gauge reads roughly 35PSI. Do not fill AC to 40+ PSI.

  • Verify AC Air Tempreture

    Verify the AC system is now blowing cold air.

  • Re-Install Low Pressure Port Cap

    Disconnect the R-134A canister and reinstall the low pressure port cap by twisting it clockwise until tight.

  • DIY Complete

    Good job recharging your freon! Enjoy the crisp, cool air and be sure to keep an eye on the AC system for any leaks or issues in the future.