Steering Wheel Replacement

  • Materials Required

    • Flathead Screwdriver
    • T-20 Screwdriver
    • T-5 Screwdriver
    • 17MM Socket
    • Ratchet
  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the battery with a 10MM socket to ensure there's no chance of electrocution or damage to your vehicle.

  • Loosen Airbag

    Loosen the airbag by using a flathead or T-20 screwdriver at a 45-degree angle to push the airbag retention clip inward. This should loosen one half of the airbag from the steering wheel.

  • Continue Loosening Airbag

    Continue loosening the airbag by using a flathead or T-20 screwdriver at a 45-degree angle to push the airbag retention clip inward. This should loosen the second half of the airbag out of the steering wheel.

  • Remove Airbag Wiring Connector

    Remove the airbag wiring connector by using a flathead screwdriver or plastic pry tool to pull the connector retention clip up from the airbag. Do not pry the whole connector up without loosening the retention clip first.

  • Remove Airbag

    With both airbag connectors removed, the airbag can be fully removed from the steering wheel.

  • Remove Clockspring Connectors

    Remove the two steering wheel clockspring connectors (white arrows) by pressing down on the retention tabs and sliding them out of place.

  • Remove Steering Wheel Bolt

    Remove the 16MM steering wheel retention bolt using a socket and ratchet combo. Once the torque is broken free, hand-thread the aluminum bolt out of place.

  • NOTE*

    It is highly recommended to replace the steering wheel retention bolt. The bolt is made of aluminum and is easily warp-able, so replacing it reduces any risk of the bolt cross-threading or loosening while driving.

  • Remove Steering Wheel

    Once the retention bolt is removed, remove the steering wheel by simply sliding it forward.

  • Prepare New Steering Wheel

    Prepare the new steering wheel by transferring over any electronics and wiring from the old wheel.

  • Install New Steering Wheel

    Install the new steering wheel onto the vehicle by sliding it into the steering column.

  • Align Steering Column

    Ensure the steering column is fully aligned with the new steering wheel. The new wheel should smoothly slide into place without using much force.

  • Reinstall Clockspring Connectors

    Reinstall the clockspring connectors by simply sliding them into place until they click.

  • Hand-Screw Steering Wheel Bolt

    Hand-screw the steering wheel retention bolt back into place. To avoid cross-threading, do not use a ratchet until it comes time to torque the bolt into place.

  • Torque Steering Wheel Bolt

    Once the steering wheel bolt is fully hand-threaded into place, torque it down to approximately 48 ft. Ibs. (It is highly recommended to use a torque wrench.)

  • Reinstall Airbag Connectors

    Reinstall the airbag connectors to the airbag. Ensure the retention click is in the fully upright, unlocked position before pressing the connector into the airbag. Once the connector slides into place, push down the airbag connector to lock it into place.

  • Align Airbag

    Align the airbag into place on the steering wheel but DO NOT press it into place yet.

  • Reconnect Battery

    Reconnect the vehicle battery to check the computer for error codes.

  • Insert Keyfob into Ignition

    Insert the keyfob into the ignition to check the vehicle's computer for error codes. The airbag has not been fully pressed into place yet in case error codes are present, you do not need to use the flathead screwdriver to remove the entire airbag again.

  • Check for Error Codes

    Check the vehicle for airbag and/or safety system error codes from removing and installing the steering wheel. If codes are present, clear them with a scan tool, check the airbag connectors and troubleshoot the issue. (Unplug the battery again to troubleshoot error codes)

  • Seat Airbag

    Seat the airbag into place by removing the key from the ignition and simply pressing down firmly until two audible clicks can be heard. Be sure to seat the left and right side of the airbag fully into place.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job removing and reinstalling your BMW's steering wheel! Be sure to monitor any airbag or safety syetm codes in the future and enjoy the upgraded look and feel.