BMW E92 Window Trim Replacement

  • Tools Required

    • Plastic Pry Tool (2)
    • Adhesive Removing Spray
    • Plastic Putty Scraper
  • Place Pry Tool Under Window Trim

    Starting from the top, insert plastic trim tool deep under the factory trim piece ensuring proper leverage is obtained while prying trim up.

  • NOTE*

    The factory window trim will most likely break into multiple pieces while being removed, this is common and isn't a concern.

  • Remove Old Window Trim

    With the first piece removed, now reposition the plastic pry tools so one can be used to lift the window trim and the other can cut away the adhesive on top.

  • NOTE*

    Once you reach the bottom of the window trim, be extremely careful not to damage the small rubber wedge the trim is held to. Use one pry tool to hold the wedge down while you use the other tool to carefully lift the trim piece off.

  • Apply Adhesive Remover

    Apply a thick layer of adhesive remover on to any adhesive left behind on your window. After applying, allow remover to soak for 10 minutes. (Re-apply layers as needed.)

  • Remove Old Adhesive

    Using a plastic putty scraper, remove any leftover adhesive from the vehicle's window.

  • NOTE*

    The old adhesive that is leftover on the vehicle's window may not fully come off. For best results, continue scraping until only a thin, even layer is left behind. Ensuring the old adhesive is at least a flat surface will help the new window trim bond permanently.

  • Clean The Window w/ Water

    Spray the window with a generous coat of water to remove any of the adhesive removing solution.

  • Wipe Window Area

    Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe the window area down until all of the adhesive remover is cleaned away and the window is dry.

  • Allow Window to Dry

    Allow the window to dry for a minimum of 10 minutes. Ensure the adhesive area is dry to the touch before proceeding.

  • Install New Window Trim

    Start by aligning the bottom of the window trim. Once the bottom of the trim is aligned, lay the trim back leaving even spacing the entire way up the window.

  • NOTE*

    When installing the new window trim, be sure to leave a gap large enough for the door to open and close properly. If the new trim is installed too close to the vehicle's window, it is likely to break.

  • Press Down New Window Trim

    After verifying the new window trim is fully aligned and the window will not get caught on it, press the trim piece down firmly allowing the new adhesive to bond to the vehicle.

  • Install Complete!

    Good job replacing your worn window trim! Your BMW is looking better already.