Windshield Wiper Replacement

  • Tools Required

    • No Tools Required
  • Lift Wiper From Windshield

    Carefully lift the wiper arm from the windshield by carefully pivoting it upward.

  • Pivot Wiper Backward

    Pivot the wiper blade backward from the arm so it is parallel to the floor.

  • Remove Old Wiper Blade

    Remove the old windshield wiper blade by sliding it off of the retention peg.

  • Install New Wiper Blade

    Install the new wiper blade by sliding it over the retention peg.

  • Lower Wiper Arm

    Lower the wiper arm back down so it sits on the windshield.

  • Replace The Next Wiper

    Replace the next windshield wiper by repeating the previous steps.

  • DIY Complete

    Good job replacing your windshield wiper blades! Keep an eye on your wiper blade health and replace them every 6-12 months.