Valvetronic Motor Gasket Replacement

  • Materials Required

    • BMW OBD2 Scan Tool
    • E8 Socket
    • 8MM Socket
    • 10MM Socket
    • Offset O2 Sensor Wrench
    • Ratchet
    • Non-corrosive grease (recommended)
    • BMW Scan Tool (recommended)
  • Start w/ Cold Engine

    Ensure you conduct this DIY on a vehicle with a cold engine.

  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the vehicle's battery to ensure safety while conducting this job.

  • Open Hood

    Open your vehicle's hood by pulling the latch.

  • Remove Cabin Air Filter Cowl

    For the most remove possible, remove the cabin air filter, HVAC cowl and all covers in the way of accessing the valvetronics motor. You should only need an 8MM socket for this.

  • Remove Engine Cover

    Remove the engine cover by removing the three screws that secure the it.

  • Unplug Valvetronic Connector

    Unplug the valvetronic motor connector by pressing the retention tabs down (white arrows) and pulling it off.

  • Remove Ignition Coil 3

    Remove the ignition coil to the right of the valvetronic motor by unplugging the connector (red arrow), then carefully use a plastic pry tool or flathead to lift the oil out of place.

  • Remove Ignition Coil 4

    Remove the ignition coil to the left of the valvetronic motor the same way as the previous step.

  • Remove Inner Valvetronic Screws

    Remove the two inner screws holding the valvetronic motor in place (white arrows), using a skinny E8 socket on a short extension.

  • Remove Lower Screw

    Remove the lower E8 screw holding the valvetronic motor into place (white circle). You may need to unclip the ignition coil electrical harness to get access to the head of the screw.

  • Unscrew Valvetronic Motor

    Carefully release the valvetronic motor by inserting a 4MM allen key into the hole (white circle) and turn counter-clockwise (black arrow) until the motor can be heard popping out of place.

  • Remove Valvetronic Motor

    With the valvetronic motor fully loosened, carefully pull it out of your engine ensuring not to hit it against anything.

  • NOTE*

    If the metal screw point has signs of wear such as deep metal shavings, grooves or scratches, it's recommended to replace the valvetronic motor.

    Part No. 11377548388

  • Remove Gasket Screws

    Remove the two T-30 screws holding the valvetronic motor gasket in place (white arrows).

  • Remove Old Gasket

    Pull the old valvetronic motor gasket out from the engine.

  • Install New Gasket

    Install the new valvetronic motor gasket.

  • NOTE*

    When installing the new gasket, ensure the black stripe shown is facing upwards. Facing it down can cause oil to leak from the gasket.

  • Install Gasket Screws

    Reinstall the two T-30 screws that hold the valvetronic motor gasket in place (white arrows).

  • Reinstall Valvetronic Motor

    Reinstall the valvetronic motor in place, but do not start installing screws yet. Simply hold the motor with one hand and push it flush against the gasket.

  • NOTE*

    Ensure the valvetronic motor latches onto the lower slide pictured above.

  • Reinstall Valvetronic Motor Cont.

    While holding the motor flush against the gasket, use a 4MM allen key to tighten the motor clockwise (black arrow) into place. Read the warning below.


    Do not overtighten the 4MM allen key. Immediately stop tightening as soon as you feel any resistance. Over-tightening this screw can cause issues with your timing.

  • Reinstall Inner Valvetronic Screws

    With the valvetronic motor flush, reinstall the two inner E8 screws that hold the motor in place (white arrow).

  • Reinstall Lower Screw

    Reinstall the lower E8 screw holding the valvetronic motor into place (white circle).

  • Reinstall Gasket Screws

    Reinstall the two T-30 screws that hold the valvetronic motor gasket in place (white arrows).

  • Reinstall Valvetronic Connector

    Reinstall the valvetronic motor connector by pressing it into place until a snap can be heard.

  • Reinstall Ignition Coils

    After the valvetronic motor is fully installed in place, reinstall the ignition coils that were removed (white arrows) by simply sliding them back into the cylinder holes.

  • Reconnect Battery

    Reconnect your BMW's battery.


    Before starting the vehicle, you must do the valvetronic motor relearn procedure. Click here for a guide on how to do it.

  • Clear Engine Codes

    After doing the relearn, use a BMW scan tool to clear all engine codes.

  • Test Start Car

    Before putting everything back together, test start the car to ensure the valvetronics motor works properly and no oil leaks are present. Look out for check engine lights or rough idling. If present, connect a scan tool and troubleshoot further.

  • Re-Installation

    Once you verify there are no issues with the valvetronic motor, reinstall all components in the vice versa of removal. i.e cabin air filter cowl, engine cover, etc.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing your valvetronic motor gasket! Be sure to keep an eye on your dashboard for any check engine codes, rough idling or oil leaks in the future.