Why The BMW E9X is the Best Platform Ever

Written By: BAVMODS Team

Updated: May 31, 2024

The BMW E9X platform has long been heralded as the pinnacle of BMW's 3 Series lineup. Here's why these models, produced from 2005 to 2013, are celebrated as the best 3 Series ever made.


What makes the E9X 3 Series so special? Here's our top takeaways.


Timeless Exterior Styling

The E9X platform was a significant leap forward in design, featuring sleek, modern lines that still look contemporary today. With elements like Xenon LED headlights and an overall executive aesthetic, these models stood out on the road. The design has aged gracefully, maintaining a blend of sophistication and sportiness that appeals to a wide range of car enthusiasts.


Impressive Interior Features

Inside, the E9X platform introduced several innovations for its time. One standout feature is the push start button, which added a touch of modernity and convenience. The sporty seats offered great support and comfort, enhancing the driving experience. Additionally, the sound system was highly regarded, providing an excellent audio experience that complemented the car's performance capabilities.


Robust Engine and Drivetrain Options

One of the key reasons the E9X platform is so beloved is its range of reliable and powerful engines. The naturally aspirated N52 engine is known for its durability, while the twin-turbo N54 engine offers exhilarating performance that appeals to driving enthusiasts. These engines, combined with the car’s well-balanced chassis, make for an engaging and enjoyable driving experience.


Extensive Aftermarket Support

The E9X platform benefits from a robust aftermarket community. Owners have access to a vast array of aftermarket parts and DIY resources, allowing them to customize and maintain their vehicles with relative ease. This support helps to keep the E9X models on the road longer and in peak condition, further cementing their status as a favorite among BMW fans.


Exceptional Value for Money

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons the E9X platform is considered the best 3 Series ever is its value for money. These models offer a blend of modern features, reliable performance, and timeless design at a price point that is often more affordable than newer models. For those looking to own a piece of BMW’s illustrious history without breaking the bank, the E9X platform is an unbeatable choice.



In summary, the BMW E9X platform stands out as one of the best 3 Series ever due to its timeless styling, impressive interior features, robust engine options, extensive aftermarket support, and exceptional value for money. Whether you're a longtime BMW enthusiast or a new fan, the E9X models offer a driving experience that is hard to match.


For a more detailed look into why the E9X chassis is so highly regarded, check out this video here.


       “The E9X feels like a driver's car.”

  A true driver's car

The BMW E9X platform, designed in 2005, stands out for its advanced features like a push start button, sleek interior lines and a high-quality sound system with subwoofers under the front seats. Despite some dislikes, like the dashboard double-hump on the iDrive models, the interior is impressive and ahead of it's time. The sport steering wheel and ambient orange lighting enhance the driving experience, while the supportive sport seats with inflatable bolsters and an extendable thigh rest ensure comfort. The interior, especially with minimal carbon fiber upgrades, feels modern and driver-focused, making the E9X a truly exceptional platform.

What upgrades make the E9X stand out even more?


Digital Dashboard Gauge Cluster
This fully digital upgrade launches your vehicle into the next generation of technology.


BMW F30 Style Shiftknob
A simple upgrade that modernizes your interior and adds a premium OEM+ feel to your driving experience .


E92 Smoked Sequential OLED Taillights

Make a statement anywhere you go, while improving the aesthetic of your E92 from every angle.

BMW Digital Dashboard Gauge Cluster | E90 E92 F30 328i 335i M3


Fully Digital Design
This digital gauge cluster offers a full LCD display that launches your interior into the next generation. 


Glare Resistant Display
Glare-resistant coating minimizes glare that could obstruct view.


Features up to 10 different languages, for worldwide usage.

Plug and Play

Error free design allows you to plug the cluster in with no coding or CANBUS error..



Our fully digital gauge cluster is a plug and play upgrade that offers any enthusiast around the world next-generation technology and a revitalized interior.


OEM+ Aesthetic

Inspired from the F3X chassis this shifter offers a sleek, minimalist factory design.


Premium Feel
Made from Napa leather, this shifter feels elegant and premium in the hand.

LED Lighting

The LED-lit gear selector shows the driver what gear the vehicle is in throughout day and nighttime driving.

Plug & Play Design
The included conversion wiring harness allows this upgraded shifter to be installed with zero errors or dashboard lights.

Texture & fragrance
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Our F30 style shiftknob is an elegant factort esque uypgrade any E9X owner a install in minutes, to give their interior a premium look and feel.


BMW E92 LCI Taillight Retrofit Set (Pre-LCI & LCI) | 328i 335i M3


LCI Upgraded Look

These taillights give an updated LCI aesthetic to the vehicle, making it look years newer.


OLED Lighting
(Organic Light Emitting Diode)
OLED Lighting is considered to be the best and brightest light offered on the market. With it's long life and bright, deep colors there's no better taillight option.

Sequential Turn Signals

The turn signals featured on these taillights are upgraded to a 15-LED sequential, loading bar indicator..

CANBUS Error Free
These taillights include two conversion ballasts that ensure no error codes appear on the dashboard and they install the same as a factory set, with no coding required.

Our LCI taillights instantly enhance your BMW's aesthetic from every angle making it look years newer and more aggressive. 


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