BMW Taillight Replacement / LCI Retrofit

  • Tools Required

    • 8MM Open-Ended Wrench
    • 8MM Deep Socket
    • Ratchet
    • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the vehicle's battery to ensure safety while conducting this job.

  • Unplug Passenger-Side Taillight Connector

    Unplug the passenger-side taillight connector by pressing in the retention tab and sliding the connector out of place.

  • Unscrew Taillight Nuts

    Unscrew the taillight retention nuts using a 8MM open-ended wrench. A 8MM deep socket can also be used.

  • Remove Taillight Bulb Bracket

    Remove the taillight bulb bracket by depressing the retention clip upward to loosen it. Once loosened, carefully slide the bracket out of place.

  • Remove Taillight

    Use two hands, pulling from the right and left, to carefully remove the taillight out of place.

  • NOTE*

    To help you remove the taillight, use one hand to push the taillight out from the body of the car. Place the other hand on the backside of the taillight to avoid dropping it.

  • Taillight Removed

    Good job, keep on going!

  • Seat New Taillight

    Seat the new taillight into place by carefully sliding it into the body of the vehicle.

  • Reinstall Taillight Grommet

    Reinstall the black taillight grommet onto the left side of the taillight and hand-screw it into place. This grommet is used to adjust the fitment of the taillight.

    Seat the other 8MM nuts into place, and hand-tighten them.

  • NOTE*

    To adjust the fitment of the taillight, tighten/loosen the taillight grommet and accompanying 8MM nut clockwise/counter-clockwise.

  • NOTE*

    While adjusting the fitment of the taillight, keep an eye on this section of the taillight. Over-tightening the fitment grommet can cause the taillight to press against the body of the vehicle and crack.

  • Install Taillight Ballast Box

    Install the provided taillight ballast box to ensure no CANBUS error codes occur.

  • Plug Ballast Connector #1

    Plug in the smaller ballast connector to the new taillight.

  • Plug Ballast Connector #2

    Plug in the larger ballast connector to the large factory taillight connector.

  • Remove Trunk Liner

    Remove the trunk liner by releasing all of the retention clips using a flathead.

  • NOTE*

    Release the clip by using a flathead to slide the head of the clip back.

  • Loosen the Trunk Taillight

    Loosen the trunk taillight by using a 10MM deep socket to remove the retention nut.

  • NOTE*

    Keep the old trunk taillight hardware in case the old taillights are later re-installed.

  • Disconnect Trunk Taillight

    Carefully disconnect the trunk taillight connector.

  • Remove Old Trunk Taillight

    Remove the old trunk taillight from the body of the vehicle.

  • Connect New Trunk Taillight

    Connect the new trunk taillight.

  • Align New Trunk Taillight

    Install and align the new trunk taillight to the body of the vehicle.

  • Tighten the 10MM Retention Nut

    Tighten the 10MM retention nut on the new trunk taillight assembly.

  • Replace Driver-Side Taillight

    Replace the driver-side taillight the same way the passenger-side one was replaced.

  • Test New Taillights

    Test the new taillights by checking your vehicle for error codes.

  • Mount Taillight Ballast

    With the taillights tested and operational, mount the new taillight ballast by peeling the red protective film from the adhesive tape and stick it to the bare metal of the vehicle.

  • Reinstall Trunk Liner

    Reinstall the trunk liner by pressing the retention push clips back into place.

  • Upgrade Complete

    Good job upgrading to the new LCI style taillights! Keep an eye on your vehicle's computer for any error codes.