Cabin Air Filter Replacement

  • Tools Required

    • 8MM Socket
    • Ratchet
    • Plastic Pry Tool (Optional)
  • Remove Cabin Air FIlter

    Start by removing the cabin air filter.

  • Remove 4 8MM Screws

    Unscrew the four 8MM screws holding the cabin air filter in place.

  • Remove the Cabin Air Filter

    Remove the cabin air filter assembly from the engine bay.

  • Remove Old Cabin Air Filter

    Remove the old cabin air filter by depressing the three retention tabs holding the filter in place and pulling the filter out. Simply install the new cabin air filter by pressing it into place.

  • Optional Performance Upgrade*

    Instead of replacing your cabin air filter with an OEM/Stock filter, you can install our reusable performance cabin air filters.

  • Cont.*

    Our performance cabin air filters install directly into the open slots in your engine bay and cut your vehicle's weight down by nearly 3 pounds.

  • Install Complete!

    Good job replacing your old, smelly cabin air filter! Your BMW is smelling fresher already.