Interior Door Pull Handle Replacement

  • Tools Required

    • Plastic Pry Tool(s)
    • T-20 Screwdriver
    • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Purpose

    Over time the plastic underside of the interior pull handle melts from heat and creates a mess. Installing a new premium handle such as this one will fix your issue.

  • Remove Door Panel Trim

    Remove the door panel trim by fitting a pry tool under the trim and carefully lifting up.

  • Remove Top Cover

    Remove the top pull handle cover by fitting a plastic pry tool inside the wedge and lifting up.

  • *NOTE

    Lay a blanket or large soft cloth underneath the door panel to avoid it from scraping against the cement once we remove it from the vehicle.

  • Unseat Door Panel

    Unseat the door panel by prying the retention clips (red arrows) towards you. Once the clips are unseated, lift the entire panel upwards to unseat the metal clips at the top. Read the 'Warning' in the next step.


    Do not try removing the door panel from the vehicle yet as the speaker cables are still attached. Support the panel in the air while you carry on with the next step.

  • Unplug Speaker Cables

    Unplug the speaker cables (white circle) by depressing the retention tab and sliding the connectors from the speaker.

  • Disconnect Door Handle Cable

    Disconnect the door handle tension cable by lifting it up and forward until it is released.

  • Unplug Window Motor Button Connector

    Unplug the window motor button connector by depressing the retention tab and removing it from the button.

  • Unplug Misc. White Connector

    Unplug the white connector by depressing the retention tab and pulling the two halves apart.

  • Unplug Puddle Light

    Unplug the bottom puddle light by depressing the retention tab and pulling it out of the light assembly.

  • Remove Top Rivets

    Remove the two top rivets (white arrows) holding the top of the pull handle in place. Do not touch the top rivot (red x).

  • *NOTE

    There's two safe ways to remove the rivets: a power drill and a flathead screwdriver. In this DIY we will be using a flathead to show even if you don't have fancy tools, you can still do this replacement.

  • Remove Top Rivets (Continued)

    To remove the rivets, work the sharp edge of the flathead screwdriver into the middle of them trying to peel and destroy the plastic as much as possible. Be careful not to damage the rest of the panel, try to keep the screwdriver in the center of the rivet.

  • Remove Top Rivets from Door Panel

    Once the center of the rivets are drilled enough, they can be wedged up with a flathead and removed from the door panel.

  • Remove Bottom Rivets

    To remove the bottom rivets, repeat the same steps involved in removing the top ones.

  • Seat New Interior Pull Handle

    Seat the new interior pull handle through the front side of the door panel.

  • *NOTE

    The interior pull handle will come with four brand new screws that will take the place of the rivets we removed.

  • Install New Screws

    Install the four new screws onto the top and bottom of the pull handle where the rivets were removed.

  • *NOTE

    Do not over-tighten the new screws. Once they are snug, just give them a small half turn to torque them.

  • Check Installation

    Test the overall integrity of the new handle installation by grabbing the handle and rigorously shaking it back and forth. If the handle doesn't come off, it's installed properly.

  • *NOTE

    Re-install the door panel in the same vice versa of removing it. Be sure to replug all electrical connectors in the process.

  • *NOTE

    Replace the door panel retention clips with new ones. This will make the reinstallation smoother and ensure the panel stays on properly without any rattling or play. Click here to purchase our set for a great price.

  • Install Complete!

    Good job replacing your worn, peeling door panel pull handle! No more messy hands when your passenger reaches for the door.