O2 Sensor Error Fix (Bad Fuse)

  • Materials Required

    • BMW OBD2 Scan Tool
    • Appropriate Size Fuse
    • Fuse Removal Tool
    • 8MM Socket
  • Scan For Error Codes

    Using a BMW capable scan tool, scan for engine codes. If all of your O2 Sensors are showing bad at once, this DIY guide should fix your issue.

    Codes: P0031 P0037 P0051 P0057

  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the vehicle's battery to ensure safety while conducting this job.

  • Open Hood

    Open your vehicle's hood by pulling the latch.

  • Remove Cabin Air Filter Cowl

    Remove the cabin air filter, HVAC cowl and all covers in the way of accessing the ECU. You should only need an 8MM socket for this.

  • Locate ECU

    Locate your BMW's ECU. On LHD vehicles, it will be on the passenger side under the HVAC cowl. On RHD vehicles, vice versa.

  • Unlock ECU Cover

    Unlock the ECU by sliding the locking latch to the left.

  • Unlatch ECU Cover

    Unlatch the ECU cover by pressing/pinching the retention tabs inwards. This will completely loosen the cover so you can remove it.

  • Remove ECU Cover

    With the ECU cover loosened, simply lift to remove it.

  • Locate ECU Fuse Box

    Locate the fuse box pictured above. This fuse box contains the fuse that controls all four O2 sensors.

  • Unlatch Fuse Box

    Unlatch the fuse box by pulling up and unseating the retention clip.

  • Unseat Fuses

    Unseat the fuses by pulling them apart from the female end of the box.

  • Unlock Fuse Box Lid

    Unlock the fuse box lid by using a pick tool to depress the retention clips (circled) and slide the lid back.

  • Remove/Replace Blown Fuse

    Remove and replace the fourth fuse down. This fuse controls all four O2 sensors and typically shorts out if any mechanical work has been done.

  • Re-Install Fuse Box

    Re-install the fuse box after replacing the blown fuse. Simply put the lid back on and press the fuses back into place.

  • Reinstall ECU Cover

    Reinstall the ECU cover by re-latching and locking it into place.

  • Re-Installation

    Re-install all components in the vice versa of removal. i.e cabin air filter and cowl, covers etc.

  • Reconnect Battery

    Reconnect your BMW's battery.

  • O2 Sensor Error Codes Gone!

    Using a BMW scan tool, confirm all O2 sensor related codes are gone. Note you may have to clear any pre-existing codes, so don't be concerned if you see any present at first.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing your alternator! Be sure to keep an eye on your electrical system for any future issues.