Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Guide

  • Materials Required

    • 18MM Socket
    • 6MM Allen Socket
    • 7MM Allen Socket
    • Swivel Adapter
    • Socket Extension
    • Torque Wrench
    • Ratchet
    • Floor Jack
    • Tire Iron
    • Gloves
    • Flathead/Pry Bar
  • Remove Front Wheel

    Lift the vehicle off the ground using a floor jack, then remove the front wheel.

  • Remove Brake Anti-Shim Clip

    Remove the brake caliper anti-shim clip by using a flathead screwdriver or pry bar to lift towards rear of the car.

  • Loosen Caliper Slide Pins

    Loosen the 2 brake caliper sliding pins using a 7MM allen socket. This will allow loosen the caliper body off of the caliper bracket.

  • Remove Brake Caliper Bracket Bolts

    Remove the 2 18MM brake caliper bolts located to the rear. One bolt will be on top (left picture) and one on bottom (right picture).

  • Remove Brake Caliper

    Remove the brake caliper by carefully shimmying it off of the rotor.

  • *NOTE

    Be sure to support the brake caliper by hoisting it up with zip ties/bungie cords, etc.

  • Remove Rotor Retention Screw

    Remove the brake rotor retention screw using a 6MM allen socket. You will need to grab and hold the rotor with one hand while applying force on the ratchet with the other hand. Keep your fingers away from the bottom side of the rotor in case car falls from floor jack.

  • Locate Wheel Bearing Bolts

    The front wheel bearing will have 4 18MM bolts holding it in place. These bolts are mounted at awkward angles and are held on extremely tightly at 81-83 ft-Ib torque, so be ready to use some elbow grease and creativity.

  • Remove Bolt 1

    Remove the fourth bolt (bottom right) by using an 18MM socket with a short extension.

  • Remove Bolt 2

    Remove the second bolt (upper right) by using an 18MM socket on a swivel adapter. This is by far the most difficult bolt to remove because you will need to reseat the swivel adapter after nearly each half turn.

  • Remove Bolt 3

    Remove the third bolt (bottom left) by using an 18MM socket with a short extension.

  • Remove Bolt 4

    Remove secondary lower radiator hose by releasing the retention clip, then pull until hose is released from the radiator. (hook pick tool recommended)

  • Remove Front Wheel Bearing

    Once all four bolts are removed, the wheel bearing will simply slide out of place.

  • *NOTE

    The wheel bearing can only be installed one way. The wider/larger part of the bearing on the right, the narrow/smaller part on the left.

  • Seat New Wheel Bearing

    Seat the new wheel bearing into place by hand-threading in the bolts.

  • Re-Install All Hardware

    After the new wheel bearing is seated and torqued, re-install your brake rotor, caliper and all according hardware. Be sure to torque all components to the proper spec.

  • Torque Specs

    Wheel Bearing Bolts: 83 ft-Ib

    Brake Rotor Retention Screw: 12 ft-Ib

    Brake Caliper Bracket: 81 ft-Ib

    Brake Caliper Slide Pins: 22 ft-Ib

  • DIY Complete

    Good job recharging your freon! Enjoy the crisp, cool air and be sure to keep an eye on the AC system for any leaks or issues in the future.