How To Remove a Broken / Stuck Lug Nut

  • Materials Required

    • Flathead Screwdriver
    • Propane Hand Torch
    • Hammer
    • Penetrating Oil
    • Screw Extractor Set (Optional)
    • Power Drill (Optional)
  • Lift Vehicle

    Lift the vehicle off the ground using a floor jack. (Use of jack stands is highly recommended.)

  • Remove Affected Wheel

    Remove the affected wheel from the vehicle.

  • Diagnose Broken Lug Nut

    If the lug nut broke off completely flush with the wheel hub, you will need to tap or drill it out of the wheel hub. If there is a portion you can grab, try using a pair of plyers to twist it out.

  • Scrape Corrosion Off

    Scrape free any corrosion from the outer edge of the broken/stuck lug nut. This will make removing it easier.

  • Shock the Stuck Lug Nut

    Shock the stuck lug nut by repeatedly striking it. Fixate your flathead screwdriver/chisel directly on top of the lug nut being carefully not to damage the wheel hib threads and execute multiple precise impacts onto the lug nut itself. This will help shock any corrosion off.

  • Torch The Affected Area

    Using a handheld flame torch, apply heat to the stuck lug nut in a long continuous span, moving the torch in small circles. The heat will expand the bolt then contract it as it cools, breaking any remaining corrosion from the threads.

  • Spray Penetrating Oil

    Spray penetrating oil in the stuck lug nut hole. Allow the penetrating oil to sit for 20-30 minutes and respray periodically to expedite the corrosion removal process.

  • Tap Stuck Lug Nut Out

    Tap the stuck lug nut out of place by wedging the sharp edge of your flathead screwdriver into any lip, wedge or bump in the stuck flathead. Strike the flathead with your hammer in a circular, counter-clockwise motion to remove the stuck lug nut.

  • NOTE*

    Heat the stuck lug nut with the flame torch for about 20 seconds, then quickly strike your flathead screwdriver into the now softened lug nut. This will create a wedge that will allow you to tap the stuck lug nut out of place.

  • Continue Tapping Stuck Lug Nut Out

    With a new wedge created from the heat of the flame torch, continue to patiently tap the stuck lug nut out in a circular, counter-clockwise motion.

  • Hand Remove Lug Nut

    To avoid cross-threading, once the stuck lug nut starts to stick out from the wheel hub, use your hands to hand-thread it out.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job removing that stuck lug nut! To ensure this doesn't happen again, go ahead and clean the threads with some penetrating oil and a brush and torque the new ones down to the proper values.