Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement

  • Materials Required

    • 10MM Socket
    • 8MM Socket
    • Ratchet
  • Start w/ Cold Engine

    Ensure you conduct this DIY on a vehicle with a cold engine.

  • Remove Engine Cover Screws

    Remove the three screws that secure the engine cover.

  • Remove Cabin Air Filter Cowl

    Remove the cabin air filter, HVAC cowl and all covers in the way of accessing the intake manifold. You should only need an 8MM socket for this.

  • Remove Air Box Screws

    Remove the two 10MM air box screws using a ratchet.

  • Unplug MAF

    Unplug the mass airflow sensor by using a flathead screwdriver to lift up on the retention tab and pulling the harness back.

  • Loosen Band Clamp 1

    Loosen the band clamp that holds the air intake hose to the air box, with a flathead screwdriver.

  • Loosen Band Clamp 2

    Loosen the band clamp that holds the air intake hose to the throttle body, with a flathead screwdriver.

  • Remove Air Intake Hose

    Remove the air intake hose from your engine bay.

  • Detach Crankcase Hose

    Detach the crankcase breather hose from the valve cover by depressing the retention clip and pulling it from the nipple.

  • Remove Air Box

    With everything loosened, the air box can now be removed from the engine bay.

  • NOTE*

    You must apply pressure on both sides of the clip (white arrows). You should feel grooves on the back and front sides (white arrows), this is where you should apply apply pressure.

  • Remove Manifold Screws

    Remove the seven 10MM screws and nuts securing the intake manifold to the engine.

  • Remove Strut Support

    Remove the driver-side engine strut support using an E14 and E18 socket. This will give enough room to move the intake manifold and replace the gasket.

  • NOTE*

    The E18 strut support screw is located underneath the plastic cap near the windshield wiper. Use a large flathead screwdriver to turn the cap to the unlocked position.

  • Unclip Brake Booster Vacuum Line

    To avoid putting tension on the brake booster vacuum line, unclip it by depressing the two grooved portions and carefully rotate it off to the side.

  • Remove Power Steering Reservoir Nuts

    Remove the two 10MM nuts that hold the power steering reservoir to the chassis.

  • Relocate Reservoir

    Place the power steering reservoir off to the side, to allow the intake manifold to move freely.

  • Disconnect Intake Manifold

    Disconnect the intake manifold from the engine by carefully wiggling it off of the engine face.

  • Remove Old Gaskets

    Remove the six separate gaskets from the intake manifold. Be extremely careful not to drop them into the open engine ports.

  • NOTE*

    Clean the engine port face with a microfiber towel and a light amount of carbon cleaner. This will ensure the new gaskets create a tight seal.

  • Install New Gaskets

    Install the six new gaskets to the intake manifold. Press them firmly into place and ensure they fit flushly.

  • Re-Installation

    Re-install all components in the vice versa of removal. i.e cabin air filter and cowl, covers etc.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing yourintake manifold gaskets! Be sure to keep an eye out for any vacuum leaks.