Xenon Headlight Bulb Replacement (Low Beam)

  • Materials Required

    • Floor Jack
    • Tire Iron
    • 8MM Socket
    • Ratchet
    • T-20 Screwdriver
  • NOTE*

    It is highly recommended to replace both headlight bulbs at the same time. Only replacing one bulb will result in the adjacent side's old bulb shorting out.

  • Disconnect Battery

    Disconnect the vehicle's battery to ensure safety while conducting this job.

  • Raise Vehicle

    Raise vehicle by using a floor jack on the side jack points. Use of jack stands is highly recommended.

  • Remove Wheel

    Remove the vehicle's wheel being extremely careful not to put any part of your body underneath the car.

  • Remove Front Fender Liner Headlight Cover

    Remove the front fender liner cover that protects the headlight bulbs by loosening the retention screws (white arrows). If your fender liner doesn't have the cover, remove the fender liner by removing all of the 8MM screws that hold it in place.

  • Remove Headlight Bulb Cover

    Remove the headlight bulb cover by removing the six T-20 screws.

  • Unclip Headlight Bulb

    Unclip the headlight bulb by pressing the metal retention clips to the inside until they dangle freely.

  • Pull Out Headlight Bulb

    Pull the headlight bulb from the headlight assembly.

  • Unplug Old Headlight

    Unplug headlight bulb connector.

  • NOTE*

    For BMW's with the xenon headlight assembly, xenon D1S bulbs must be used. Click here to purchase our recommended headlights.

  • Plug In New Headlight Bulb

    Insert the new sway bar end link into place. Do not bend the end link to make it fit, instead lift/lower the suspension knuckle with the jack.

  • Insert New Headlight Bulb

    Carefully insert the new headlight bulb ensuring not to touch or damage the bulb element.

  • Clip New Headlight Bulb

    Clip the new headlight bulb in place by latching the metal retention clips to the hooks.

  • NOTE*

    Do not reinstall the ballast screws yet. It's best to leave the ballast hanging in place and test it before putting everything back together, in case it doesn't work when you test it.

  • NOTE*

    As stated before, it is highly recommended to replace both bulbs at the same time. If only one bulb is replaced, it's very likely the other bulb will short out.

  • Re-connect Battery

    Re-connect the battery to test the new headlight bulbs.

  • Test New Headlight

    Test the new headlight by inserting the key into the ignition and turning the headlight knob to the on position. Ensure no error codes pop on the dashboard. If headlights don't work, check the ballast and troubleshoot further.

  • Re-Installation

    Now that the new headlight bulb(s) is verified to work, re-install the headlight cover(s), fender liner, and wheel the same way it was removed.

  • DIY Complete!

    Good job replacing your headlight bulb(s)! Keep an eye out for any flickering or error codes that may point to deeper issues.